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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  00000071   [Sanny Builder]
blockresolved (Seemann)2013-07-28Z_angle feature is not working in Coord Manager for Vice City and GTA III
  0000009    [Sanny Builder]
minorresolved (Seemann)2013-07-20some model names can't be compiled in a CLEO script
  0000006    [Sanny Builder]
common issues
minorresolved (Seemann)2013-07-19the editor is always set the cursor at the beginning of an opened file when option Load all closed files is checked
  0000004 1 [Sanny Builder]
minorresolved (Seemann)2013-07-13Uncompileable lines in external files not being pointed properly
  0000002 1 [Sanny Builder]
textresolved (Seemann)2013-07-13when changing the language, a label in OST remains in the previous language
  00000031   [Sanny Builder]
majorresolved (Seemann)2013-07-12limit number of checks per one condition to 8


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