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0000060Sanny Builder[All Projects] common issuespublic2020-05-11 18:202020-06-28 03:58
0000060: Gta now have black borders
Yesterday I downloaded from a youtuber the Sanny builder with a base script in the folder. I copied the script into Sanny builder and then run the game directly from Sanny builder. I saw that there are some very wide lines on the left and on the right of the screen. I said that is normal and opened the samp directly from the gta folder. I saw that they're still there. Now I can't play because I can't see the entire chat and it's so litle. PLEASE HELP ME FAST.
Open Sanny builder, make a script and open gta directly from sanny builder.
I don't know the version of Sanny builder because I downloaded from a youtuber. He just copied the files of the Sanny builder and put it on Mediafire. I can't print screen because it prints only the game not the entire display. Please help me.
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