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0000053Sanny Builder[All Projects] compilerpublic2019-10-24 00:152020-08-19 02:14
0000053: GTA LCS: Compiled Main.SCM causes game to hang.
I was excited to hear about LCS getting compiling support finally, I just went in to do a simple edit and change Gang 01 the Leone's secondary weapon to the SMG to test things out, Compliled the file and added it to the iso via UMDGen, Launched PPSSPP Selected the iso, game immediately gets stuck when the red bar is almost filled.
Compile the GTA LCS Main.SCM no editing necessary, Replace Main.SCM with the compiled one of GTA LCS iso. Launch game via any emulator of choice or other methods.
I thought it might have been UMDGen for whatever reason but extracting and replacing the MAIN.SCM with an exact duplicate still loads the game, Only using a compiled MAIN.SCM causes the game to hang.
Compiler, LCS
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2019-10-24 02:25   
(edited on: 2019-10-24 02:26)
I already got another report that LCS refuses to work with a recompiled scm. Unfortunately I can't test it on my machine so I'm accepting any help with triaging this issue. Any additional information on why LCS may hang will help (logs, stack trace, error address, etc).

2019-10-24 02:34   
One thing that I would like you to test is to modify the main.scm with a hex editor and just change a single byte somewhere (a safe change would include wording of string literals or changing a code closer to end of file that is part of the later missions code that is not running on a new game start). I want to see if there is a kind of checksum check so the game sums up all the bytes and compares against a predefined value.
2019-11-20 13:49   
I changed one string, but game not crashed