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0000047Sanny Builder[All Projects] compilerpublic2017-09-18 03:592020-11-01 17:02
0000047: Classes limit
i was making classes for SCR mode lately and when the total commands of all classes reaches 831 , any command added to any class after that will cause sanny builder to produce an error message
"Access violation at address 0040582b in module 'sanny.exe'. read of address (random mem address everytime)"

and the inability to use classes.
i uploaded my classes.db , just go to the end of the file you will find some commented Commands , add them to any class and test the classes.
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? classes.db (206,422) 2017-09-18 03:59
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2020-11-01 16:49   
This issue will be fixed in Sanny Builder v3.6 [^]