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0000004Sanny Builder[All Projects] compilerpublic2013-07-12 23:592013-07-13 22:42
0000004: Uncompileable lines in external files not being pointed properly
When the compiled script is divided into 2 or more files (has $INCLUDEs) and one of these includes has an uncompileable line (throwing "expected X parameters" error), Sanny does not point to the bad line properly - it only opens the file which has the error in and points to the very last line.
Example script provided in an attachment.
Notice the 'offset' of the error is linked to the amount of already parsed includes - the examples has 5 'good' includes, each being 3 lines long and then the 6th, 'bad' include - Sanny points 15 lines below the error (5 * 3).
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