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rami zouari 
64 BITWindows Windows 8
0000018: opcode Search tool is empty !
My problem is in opcode search tool, i am beginning in Scripting, so i need it always, but today,when i discover some SB's functions, i try (Stupidly) the function "make opcode.txt", now the search tool is empty, i tried to replace it with another from internet, then reinstall SB, BUT id didn't work, please some help...
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Feature "Make opcodes.txt" make a new opcodes.txt filling it with those opcodes that are present in the current opened file. It also backups the previous opcodes.txt by renaming it to opcodes.bak. So, find this file in your Sanny Builder directory (SB\data\sa) and rename it to opcodes.txt. If it doesn't help download this file and place it to Sanny Builder\data\sa directory (assuming you changed gta sa opcodes). [^]
2013-08-22 21:34   
This bug tracker is not a proper place for such messages. I maintain my own forums on this site and also have a account. So, use public forums for the requests/feedbacks.